My nine year old paint, Tahoe, was diagnosed with EPM. I was now faced with having to deal with early retirement for Tahoe, but the prospect of boarding him for the next fifteen to twenty years in a small corral or stall was unthinkable. I was determined to find an environment that would be natural, outdoors, climatically suited to horses, and stress-free. Fortunately I found the La Sal Creek Ranch. The ranch is the perfect place to allow Tahoe to both live out his natural life in blissful retirement and provide a haven until a cure or successful treatment is found for EPM.

When I delivered Tahoe to the ranch I was overjoyed to see him run through one of the expansive pastures with his new equine buddies. It was truly an uplifting and emotional experience to see him so happy.

—Paul Ishikawa, Jr.
Park City, Utah