Listed below are most—but not all—of the items for rent in our inventory, with prices.
If you need something that's not listed here —
PLEASE ASK, we just might have it!

Tents & Canopies

$60.0010' "EZ-Up"
$79.00 10' x10' Warner (100 sq. ft.)
$219.0020' x 20' Warner (400 sq. ft.)
$429.0020' x 40'Warner (899 sq. ft.)
$565.0035' Hexagon Warner (1040 sq. ft.)
$1490.0040' x 40' Aztec
$1890.0040' x 60' Aztec
$2390.0040' x 80' Aztec
$2990.0040' x 100' Aztec
$3590.0040' x 120' Aztec
$3201.008' x 18" Floor
$280.0015' x15' Floor
$240.0012' x 12' Floor
$200.009' x 9' Floor
$24.00Sidewall, solid (20 linear ft.)
$36.00Sidewall, window (20 linear ft.)

We also offer larger & custom
tent sizes, up to
40' x 140' (5600 sq. ft.).
Please inquire for pricing quote.

Tables & Chairs

$1.00Folding Chair (Ivory/Brown)
$1.30Folding Chair (White)
$2.45Premium/"Wedding Chair"
$9.25Table – 8' x 2.5', white plastic
$8.90Table – 8' x 2.5', wood
$7.80Table – 6' x 2.5', wood
$9.25Table – 60" round, wood
$6.60Table – 48" round, wood
$5.60Table – 36" round, wood
$5.00Folding Card Table, 3' square

Linens & Skirting

$10.60Tablecloth, 50" x 12"
    (fits 8" table)
$10.60Tablecloth, 90" round
   (fits 60" table)
$11.60Tablecloth, 120" round
$8.00Tablecloth, 54" square ("topper")
$10.00 – $18.00Table Skirt

Pipe & Drape

$36.00Per 10' Booth Space
$2.25Per 1' Linear Space

We can accomodate a wide variety of needs and configurations. Please inquire for special pricing quote.

Staging & Dancefloor

$360Dancefloor, 21' x21'
   (other sizes are available)
$6.604' Square Carpeted Riser
$0.405' Wide PortaPath
   (per linear foot)
inquireStaqe with Integrated
   Canopy & PA

Other custom staging & flooring is available. Please inquire for pricing.


Food Service

$18.60Chafing Dish (full set)
$3.00Extra Chafing Pan
$170.00Propane Grill
   (large commercial)
$18.60Propane Griddle
$48.00Popcorn Machine/Cart
$28.00Hot Dog Warmer
$18.60Ice Cream Maker (hand crank)
$1.00–$2.50Serving Tongs/Spoons
$5.60–$6.60Salad/Mixing Bowls
$2.00–$6.00Serving/Buss Trays
$16.00Multi-Tier Lazy Susan
$10.00Cake Fountain
$3.00Serving Baskets
$2.00–$6.001–5 Gallon Cook Pots
$1.40Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

Beverage Service

$19.60Coffee Urn, 60 cup
$24.60Coffee Urn, 90 cup
$3.60Carafe, Thermal
$3.00Carafe, Glass
$7.60Teapot, Silver
$8.60Beverage dispenser,
   5 Gal. Insulated
$42Punch Fountain
$8.00–$16.00Punch Bowl, glass
   or silver
$12.60Champagne Bucket
$12.60Keg Cooler
$6.00Bucket/Washtub, galvanized

Heating & Cooling

$58.00Ooutdoor Heater, propane
$38.00Patio Heater, infrared


$0.60Dinner Plate
$0.45Salad Plate
$0.50Soup or Salad Bowl
$0.65Deep Dish Plate (pasta)
$0.45Coffee Mug/Cup
$0.45Cup Saucer
$0.45Capuccino or Espresso Cup

Water Glass
$0.65Water Goblet
$0.60Wine Glass
$0.60Champagne Glass/Flute
$0.50Punch Cup
$0.45Shot Glass
$0.60Pint Glass
$0.65Beer Glass
$0.55Rocks Glass
$0.55Brandy Snifter
$0.55Glass Plate
$0.65Snack Plate (fancy)

$0.28Regular Forks, Knives & Spoons
$0.34Fancy Forks, Knives & Spoons
$0.38Steak Knife


Decorative Accessories

$34.00Archway, Metal, white or brass
$6.00–$12.00Wicker Baskets (asst.)
$12.60Grecian Columns
$11.60Flower Pots/Stands
$6.00–$24.00Candelabra (asst.)
$36.00Aisle Runner, 50' Lace
$6.00Stanchions, white or brass

Guest Service

$6.00Coat Rack
$9.00Folding Rollaway Bed (twin)


$125.00Multimedia Digital Projector
$3.60Laser Pointer
$9.00Foldout Movie Screen
$6.00Overhead Projector
$18.00Slide Projector
$22.008mmSuper 8 Movie Projector
$24.00Microphone (standard wired)
$74.00Wireless Microphone System
$64.00–$200.00Powered Speaker
$24.00Tripod Speaker Stands (pair)

We can provide full professional PA support for just about any size event. Please inquire for pricing quote.

Lighting & Electrical

$14.60Halogen Light, 250 Watt
$20.00Globe Lights (decorative)
$2.00Extension Cord
$3.00Power STrip, surge protected
$24.00Mirror Ball, rotating
$16.00Strobe Light
$28.00Smoke or Bubble Machine


Roulette, Blackjack, Craps, Poker, Slots
$300/hourBasic Gaming Package
NOTE: Authorized ARS Pit Boss required at all events. Dealers available upon request – 2 hour minimum.

This website does not include our entire inventory of items available for rent. If you need something not listed here — PLEASE ASK – We just might have it!

Prices do not include labor or delivery fees, which may apply on some jobs. See details here.

NOTE: All prices listed on this website are as of April, 2011 and are subject to change without notice.