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American manufacturing continues to be challenged to find new ways to grow as well as perform more efficiently in our highly competitive economy.  With no indications that those pressures will ever go away, retaining your competitive sharpness and balance becomes increasingly more essential and difficult to maintain. Your Fourth Shift system is a key tool not only to run your business more efficiently but also to provide the information necessary to make critical business decisions in today’s fast paced and highly competitive environment.

The Fourth Shift Conference 2013 is guaranteed to provide access to many opportunities to maximize your current investments while learning about new products, technologies and innovations. With more than 61 sessions and classes available, the conference will give you the edge you need to excel.  Attend to ensure your job skills and knowledge remains up-to-date and strong.  Build your own personalized agenda and pick the sessions you need to attend most.  There are educational offerings for every individual, for every experience level and for every business requirement.

Whether you are looking for multi-day pre-conference training classes, hands-on sessions, industry outlooks or sessions on specific topics, you will be able to compile the education curriculum you are looking for, as well as countless networking opportunities.  Every component of this event is designed to help you more fully leverage the power of the tools you already own. Don’t take unnecessary risks; update your skills and knowledge.  This is where you’ll learn to take yourself and your company to the next level of excellence through maximizing Fourth Shift.

Gather with and learn from like-minded colleagues.  The conference brings together a dynamic community of customers, partners and the SoftBrands leadership team. You will learn from other “photographers” as well; those customers that depend on Fourth Shift to deliver essential data needed for their businesses to succeed, just as you do.  There are many opportunities during the conference to exchange ideas, concepts, tips and day-to-day challenges with others.  Perhaps you’ve solved an issue that your company experienced that could help another user.  Bring plenty of business cards because networking situations show themselves everywhere.

The general session will showcase Fourth Shift's vision, strategy, and product direction. Hear the details about Infor's strategy, as well as the latest on Fourth Shift & Infor's innovative products and partnerships. Learn about industry trends and business practices as well as platform updates and new announcements that will affect you.  Key education sessions help shape the future of Fourth Shift.  Allow the Fourth Shift team to know you better ensuring we continue to provide you with relevant, strong products and services.