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With five distinct tracks of sessions covering manufacturing, finance, technical, as well as what’s new and product direction and strategy, this conference will benefit all roles within your business whether the individual uses Fourth Shift on a daily basis, technically administers the system, or simply depends on its outputs to manage a department or run the business. Attend the Fourth Shift Conference 2013 to learn how to take your camera off that automatic setting!

During the conference, we will challenge you to question processes and procedures that remain the same because “that’s how we’ve always done it.”  We will encourage you and give you the knowledge and tools to improve your Fourth Shift implementation and the confidence to refuse to accept the old processes and methods of doing business because it is easy and familiar.  We will continually ask you to learn and be prepared to return to the office ready to challenge your co-workers to focus on Fourth Shift mastery and find the best Fourth Shift solutions to each business situation your company faces.

For those of you that attended the 2012 conference – ask yourself what you did when you returned to the office last year.  We challenge you to do more this year!