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Come prepared!  Familiarize yourself with your company’s fundamental usage of Fourth Shift.  What opportunities do you see?  Interview everyone you can.  Do they see opportunities?  What unique things are you doing with your system that you could share with your fellow conference-goers?  Demonstrate to your management team that your attendance at the conference is a good investment even before you get on the plane!  Come armed with business cards that you’ll need as you network.

Please arrive to sessions on time.  In addition to making sure you have a place to sit, you will ensure you don’t miss any of the educational content.  Also be sure to participate in Thursday morning’s dedicated roundtable sessions as well as the open question and answer sessions as these are key opportunities to discuss topics that are of specific interest to your company as well as gain insights into how others Fourth Shift users are approaching similar things in their company.  This is also a great opportunity to meet and begin networking with other Fourth Shift users in similar departments/roles to your own.

Be prepared to act as the go-to Fourth Shift person back at your office.  Be ready, excited, anxious and available to share knowledge, skills, insights, new contact names; everything that can benefit your company.  Be sure to demonstrate the conference ROI to your management team through your new knowledge and skills. Consider hosting brown bag lunches to start Fourth Shift discussions and brainstorming.  To succeed, you must think well beyond the conference event itself.  What new strategies, processes, procedures or training programs need to be implemented?  We’ll provide you with the tools you’ll need to lead your company toward greater success with your Fourth Shift system.