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Whether an account manager, support consultant, field consultant or software engineer, our Fourth Shift team members all have a primary mission to help you and your company be as successful as possible with Fourth Shift.  We understand that this is not an easy task for either of us.  Almost weekly I am reminded how similar Fourth Shift implementations are to things in our daily lives.

Small electronics are one of my favorite examples.  The value you can get from a simple point-and-shoot camera varies greatly depending on your understanding and use of its features.  Capturing the Grand Canyon with a panorama setting or a twilight setting at sunset is going to yield a very different result than a simple shot on the automatic setting and improper use of a setting, such as the twilight setting in broad daylight, can be disastrous to your photo.  The cost of the investment is the same, but the type of use makes a world of difference.  While the benefits and risks are significantly larger than a good or bad photo, your Fourth Shift implementation is no different and the impact of your successes and failures can make a material difference to your business.

Like the evolution of the features and quality of cameras, in the last ten years Fourth Shift has added many new technologies and features to help your Fourth Shift system keep pace with the growing needs of your business.  All too often we see customers take the new release of Fourth Shift, install it and use it the same way that they did 10 years ago just like the new camera that we take out of the box and put it into “Auto Mode” and use it like the old camera, or employee turnover with lack of training resulting in “Twilight Mode” being set and left on regardless of the lighting condition.  The reality is that most of our businesses have gone through significant changes in the last 10 years and our mission is to help you evaluate your use of Fourth Shift and transform your business practices to meet your new business requirements. 

In support of our mission we continue to emphasize the importance of Fourth Shift training and invest in various programs that promote you and your users’ on-going understanding of Fourth Shift such as our monthly newsletters, Focus on Fourth Shift monthly webinars,  annual Fourth Shift User Conference, Fourth Shift in a Nutshell training, Subscription Training, etc. 

We would like this to be your mission as well.  This is why we love the annual Fourth Shift User Conference!  For 25 years, the Fourth Shift User Conference has been helping us fulfill our mission with an opportunity to provide exceptional training and networking opportunities for our customers.  This is your chance to learn how to best use the settings on your “camera” and talk to other users that have the same challenges and opportunities as you.  We hope you can join us in historic San Antonio the week of September 14th as we celebrate our silver anniversary and continue our mission and promise to help you and your company continue to strive to improve your Fourth Shift implementation.

We are honored to have your as our customer and partner.  Thank you for allowing us to serve you!


General Manager, Fourth Shift